K-Beauty Review

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K-Beauty Review
Brand: Banila Co.

Hello ^^ Today i'm going to review the /banila co. - white wedding dream cream/ 

I saw a couple of good reviews about this product, so i decided to buy it without looking into it a bit more ( which is a regrettable thing that I should have done ). After receiving the product, I made the mistake of applying too much, since I was trying to save up the cream that was stuck to the protective lid. So learning from my mistakes I loved how it gave me a dewy look without making me look oily after applying a little ( I guess it proves that 'a little does go a long way' ).

But since I didnt research into it a bit more, after applying it for 2 days, I had red patches on my skin. I have eczema on my face, which is really annoying so i'm guessing that it had reacted to the cream.

  • It gives a nice dewy look
  • It brightens your skin tone
  • It serves as a nice base for your makeup 

  • Its not a good product for sensitive skin
  • applying too much can make you look as if your skin is oily or too shiny

Overall I rate it a 7/10 since it did as it described but it lost a couple of points for not being able to be applied onto sensitive skin :( 

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