K- Beauty Review

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K-Beauty Review :
[ Son & Park Beauty Water ] 

Today Ill be reviewing the highly popular 'Son & Park Beauty water' :)
I recently brought some samples of this product and have tried it myself to test if it was worth the hype. 

I used it when my skin was vert sensitive and had patchy dry areas that was also itchy, so I don't think that was such a good idea for me at that time. 

But ill re-review it once i get the chance to~ after using it, i realised my skin was soft and smoother the day after, which was surprising to me since i had patchy skin at that time ( it was still patchy and irritated but it was a little bit less compared to the day before ). Whilst using it, it didnt irritate the dry and itchy areas which was also surprising and a bonus to me,since most of the good cleansers brought up some redness and irritation on my skin :/

  • non- irritating for really sensitive skin
  • makes your skin smooth the next day 
  • shouldnt be used when significant signs of eczema can be seen ( i guess the best way is to wait till it clears up a bit ) 
Overall, i rate it a 8/10 because i have to trail it when my skin has cleared up :)

I really do like how this product is working but i stopped after a while since i was waititng for my skin to clear up, so like i said before, ill re-review it ^^

have a good day everyone <3

- julia

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