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Heyy ^^ its been a while so i decided to update everyone. Lately I haven't been buying any beauty products, hence not posting any reviews. I really need to invest in a good cleanser so I'm open to any suggestions of any cleansers for dry and sensitive skin.

I cant seem to cleanse everyday since it dries out my skin and leaves flaky patches on my face, so im using my moisturizer as a cleanser when I need to remove any makeup.

I've been guessing that the foundation I use is making me breakout or leaves my face itchy and dry after I wash it off, but then again it might be the cleanser so I'm not definite yet. Once I get back into the routine of buying new products ill be sure to update on this blog :)

I also found a new beauty tip that has been around for a while but found out how to use it properly only recently. It ups my makeup game: so I've been using concealer on my lips before applying any lip products. It reveals the true colour of my lipstick and it makes it look way more pigmented.

I don't know why I didn't do this earlier~

Well that's all for today i suppose, I'm sure ill be back soon with more reviews :)

Until then, have a good day everyone <3 xx

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